Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use graphics down loaded off the web?

Most times the answer is no. Most forms of branding require EPS vector files or at the very least a 300DPI JPEG or Bitmap file. Web graphics are usually 72dpi JPEGs or GIFFs.

Can I use graphics created in Word?

Clients often think they are saving money by doing the graphics themselves in Word. Mostly, time is wasted as the graphics will need to be redrawn in a graphics program before printing.

My artwork has been drawn by a professional graphic artist. Why do I need to get it digitised for embroidery?

The process for digitising a logo for embroidery is an art where stitches are laid out to bring the Logo to life. A well digitised logo can give the impression of being 3D. There are programs out there that can take a graphic image and convert it to stitches, however they tend to be lifeless and lack the impact of a well digitised image.

How can I get the right colours reproduced in my branding projects?

The universal colour matching system used around the world is the Pantone Matching System or PMS. You should always provide the correct PMS colours where known if exact colour matching is required.