Bamboo Charcoal Hiker Socks

$14.50 AUD

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  • 35%Bamboo Charcoal Fibre, 32% Bamboo Fibre, 25% Cotton, 8% elastane
  • State of the Art Charcoal Technology
  • Antibacterial
  • Soft Feel


Bamboo Charcoal Hiker Socks

Bamboo Charcoal Hiker Socks, like the Bamboo Charcoal Circulation Health Sock, are endowed with the same state-of-the-art Charcoal technology. The Charcoal makes this product Powerfully antibacterial. It re-radiates far infrared rays for better cell metabolism and absorbs toxins. The fabric composition is 35% Bamboo Charcoal Fibre; 32% Bamboo Fibre; 25% Cotton; 8% Elastane. This sock is a great choice as a lightweight work sock or for anyone that loves the outdoors.

Available in sizes:- mens 4-6/womens 6-8, mens 6-10/womens 8-11 and mens 10-14.
Colour:-                      black/grey marle only


Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial

Look at how the bacteria is eliminated. No more smelly feet – ever. No more unpleasant body odour. Bamboo has been grown for millennia in Asia without the use of pesticides. It is rarely attacked by any pests and not susceptible to diseases. The reason for this, Japanese scientists have found, is a unique anti-bacterial agent of bamboo named “bamboo kun”. This substance, combined with the tight molecular structure of bamboo fibres, are believed to give it its anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties – which is not diminished even after more than 50 washes! It is also quite different from chemical additives which can often cause skin irritations and other problems.

Anti-bacterial Testing conducted by CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Centre)
Anti- bacteria test FZ/T 01021-92 conducted July 2003.

Testing Fabric > Bacteria Introduced > 24 hrs later bacteria Count > Performance

Bamboo fabric: 8.6 X 10,000(= 86,000)
0.2 X 100 (= 20) = 99.8% elimination

Cotton fabric: 2 X 100,000 (= 200,000)
1.1 X 100,000,000 (= 110,000,000) = 55,000% INCREASE

Similar scientific tests have been performed by various international textile testing laboratories. These can easily be accessed in numerous websites. In bamboo fabric, bacteria numbers were reduced to less than 0.2%.
Whereas in cotton fabric, bacteria number increased to 550 times the original. (refer:- )

Bamboo materials help control body odour

We have seen the test results of the anti-bacterial property of bamboo compared to the ‘incubating’ performance of cotton (See Anti-bacterial properties). Introduced bacteria on bamboo fabric were reduced to less than 0.2% of the introduced number in 24 hours whilst introduced bacteria on cotton fabric multiplied to 550 times the introduced number, also in 24 hours.

What does this mean?

Body odour results from gases produced by bacteria which live on the waste which is exuded from our bodies – sweat and dead skin cells which our bodies give off constantly as a perfectly natural part of living.

When a bamboo fibre fabric is worn against the skin:
 1 – Any moisture (sweat) is immediately absorbed and taken away from the skin
 2 – The powerful natural anti-bacterial property of the bamboo constantly keeps bacteria populations in check.

Some people have much more smelly feet than most because they shed more dead cells from their feet than others or they have specific personal bacteria which give off that offensive smell. Though no less hygienic than others, their feet just pong! We have not found a single customer who has not been instantly cured of this condition through wearing our socks.

This same anti-bacterial, anti-body-odour property applies to all our garments made from bamboo fibre.

If you are wearing our Bamboo Charcoal Hiker socks while doing the hard yards at work or enjoying the outdoors, you can rest easy knowing the Bamboo is working on those foot odours.